Air Fryer-Healthy Cooking

air fryer

WOW THE AIR FRYER IS HERE TO STAY! It is the most amazing small appliance you will ever own. Reduce the fat from your diet and the flavor of the food abounds.Cooking without oil is easy. Just one of the things easy to make is potato wedges, cut potatoes  and  sprinkle with my favorite spice, drop the wedges into the AIR FRYER and a few minutes later they are on the table crispy golden brown and full of flavor and as a result, all the wedges are moist on the inside. I have found a site with a large variety of AIR FRYERS with the most amazing prices. The AIR FRYER comes in a variety of sizes small to large and furthermore, in colors black and red for you to choose from.

Maybe tonight is the night to have pork chops, absolutely easy, sprinkle with a spice or roll in bread crumbs brush with olive oil, only enough to insure the bread crumbs stay on. Pop in the AIR FRYER let cook with one of the preset settings. Your pork chops will come out golden brown and when you eat them the juice and flavor are in the first bite to the last.

The AIR FRYER can be used to cook purchased frozen foods which are right from the freezer. Also, you can prepare fresh foods to put in the  AIR Fryer. Therefore, a little imagination you can cook anything from meats, vegetable, egg dishes and far beyond. Dishes you want to create and need some help with, just reach for one of the many cookbooks available to you

air fryer

air fryerair fryer

Fry Foods Without Oil! How great is that!

The Best Way to Enjoy Fried Food Without The Guilt.                                It Fries, Grills, and Bakes Using Only Hot Air.

No Vent is Required.

AIR FRYERS come in many different sizes for your convenience  

AIR FRYER has Rapid Air Circulation.  Rapid Air Circulation Technology cooks food by circulating hot air in all directions, in addition ensuring fast and even cooking. 

AIR FRYER is Easy to Use. Easy to Clean. Easy-to-use large LCD touchscreen allows you to set temperature to 170°F – 400°F in addition it cooks from 1 – 30 minutes. Pans and baskets are non-stick for Easy clean-up.

air fryer

Air Fryer: Questions and Answers 

Does it fry things crispy ~ like chicken wings or french fries?

Answer: yes, it’s great , makes great fries , breaded fish ,no oil!
Answer: I haven’t used it for chicken wings, but I have made French fries and sweet potato fries and shrimp. They all turned out crispy. I have bought a air fryer cookbook but I haven’t tried anything yet but I am looking forward trying new things.
Answer: yes, it does great on frozen food also, like bacon from the freezer.
HEALTHY FRYING: AIR FRYERS produce food that is exceptionally healthier than traditionally fried foods, furthermore the AIR FRYERS produce food that     have up to eighty percent less fat and oil. Now eat fried foods, without sacrificing the taste. A reliable and healthy alternative to deep fryers.