natural mineral makeup

We have found the NATURAL MINERAL MAKEUP where the company knows what women are looking for. At an amazing price.The mission at Mineral Hygienics is to be the top cosmetic manufacturer. Besides the company focuses on creating the best performing products. Working hard to keep NATURAL MINERAL MAKEUP as natural looking as possible. Mineral Hygienics uses natural ingredients to develop top quality cosmetics. That’s what meets and exceeds what customer are looking for.  They strive to build lasting relationships with their customers, suppliers and employees.



We didn’t set out to change the makeup industry. When Mineral Hygienics first started, we were doing lots of testing to create a skin-friendly line of makeup to treat acne. Due to working with hundreds of women of all ages and skin types, we discovered. Most of the time, there was a common cause behind most mild acne problems: BAD MAKEUP. Natural Mineral Makeup won’t clog pores, is less likely to promote allergic reactions, and is good for people with sensitive skin.


natural mineral makeup

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I have been in the makeup field for 30 years and I have used every makeup line available. As a result, I must say that these Natural Mineral Makeup are fantastic! I myself love the bronzed look. Also, I use the bronzing mineral powders to create a tanned look yet with a very natural look at the same time. Very excellent products!natural mineral makeup

Natural Mineral Makeup in itself is healthy for your skin. Because, of the natural minerals and elements in the formulas used in these products. They have used their formulas to replace talc, dyes, oil, perfume, and alcohol. Those are the items that clog pores and pollute the skin. Mineral Hygienics makeup — it’s all-natural, light, and effective. With benefits ranging from a natural look and feel, long lasting application, ideal for sensitive skin. As a result, doesn’t contribute to the aging process, and contains no harmful ingredients.

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